Sunday, March 13, 2011

Soooo many new things going on! We're actually starting to have decent weather (probably just jinxed myself there!) and new ideas are coming alive!

I'll start off with our house hunting. So far I've found two that were amazing and perfect for us, and they were both sold right after we looked at them :( so the hunt continues! The other day we ended up looking at 8 houses! One of which was filled with the previous owners crap and I was looking at that more than the house! They just throw it all out and there was some amazing stuff in there it made me sooo sad. After looking at 8 different houses all in totally different areas and all totally different in shape size etc. I'm starting to get a better feel for what we want/need. We did find a couple that we are going back to look at and one sticks out in my head as almost perfect except for the fact that there's no garage or driveway it's wonderful! I am also starting to get my pre-approval going after how many months of waiting on this and that. It's starting to look like we will be moving this summer!

Due to the fact that we are looking at houses I am trying to clear out a lot of stuff I no longer use or will not use in the very near future. We took a trip up to Mil yesterday and hung out with the fabulous Madam Chino. I was able to give her some of my fabric stash rather than just dropping it off at Value Village, I know she will appreciate it way more! She was also kind enough to give me a dress in exchange and it's beautiful! Hopefully I'll be able to get some pics of it up here soon!

Craft night is slowly turning back into craft night and I love it. The last one that I hosted only one person showed up but it was awesome! I worked on my mushrooms, she did book binding and we watched Mars Attacks, couldn't have gone any better. I am also making sure when I sit down at night and watch a movie that I always have something in my had to do!

Now for the grand finale! It ties in with basically everything I've mentioned so far 1. getting rid of stuff laying around the house so we have a lighter load when we move 2. craft night (due to the fact that it was my craft for craft night)

Super Mario World Mushrooms!

These are actually the second and third ones I made. The first has a home in my friends house (who got my mind rolling on this project). It was just a test one and made out of vinyl I had laying around. I love love love how they turned out! Now off to work soon! Have a great Sunday!

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