Monday, March 21, 2011

Soooo I will be putting an offer on a house tomorrow!!! I've been having issues with financing and being self employed (ugh!!) so I'll have to put in a cash offer. It's a short sale and those usually take a bit longer so hopefully I can figure financing out if they accept the offer that way I won't be putting all my money into it right away and i can have some to fix it up a bit. Super exciting! Not sure if I'll get it but I'm actually doing it and step by step getting closer to buying a house! I'll still be looking at others of course but this one would be awesome. It needs a few repairs but nothing big. The roof, electric, plumbing and furnace are all good. There are a few little downfalls about it, first off it stinks! Whew the people that lived there before had larger dogs (there's evidence of it!) so it would have to be cleaned A LOT and the carpet could come out but there's hardwood floors underneath so that's not a problem at all. There's also no driveway or garage :( but one can be put in pretty easily. It has a cute little fenced in yard and a enclosed porch. I won't get my hopes up but just sayin it would be awesome if we did get it! Fingers crossed!!

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