Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Still house hunting. Either I'm to cheap or the banks are dumb...I'm going with the banks are dumb.
Prices are still going down and there's more and more houses coming on and they think putting a house (that's super run down and possibly won't be able to qualify for a loan) up for $50,000 is a good price. I understand they need to make their money back but I don't see how these houses will ever sell for anything above $25,000 and that's pushing it. I'm sure if I keep going I'll get a great deal but I've been in far to many houses! It's actually pretty interesting and with each house I get more of an idea of what I want (it changes periodically).
On a different note, we finally have awesome weather! Pretty sure we'll be going out on a trolly ride today if we get enough done beforehand. The boxes in my place keep piling up!!! And we're getting rid of more and more. I'll probably be ready to move by mid month.
Milo had his first T-ball game yesterday! They did way better than I expected them to, the last practice everyone was kind of all over the place :/ So we'll be working on grounders today too!
Lady has a vet appointment tomorrow. She's been having trouble using her litter box so I'm pretty sure she has a urinary track infection and hopefully that's it and she's just not being territorial (don't think that's it because she pees in random spots, her new one is the bathroom sink UGH!). We're also finally getting her spayed but that's on the 30th of this month, same day I have to be out of my apartment....lets just say this month is going to be insane.

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