Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crazy Busy!

Whew this week/month/year has been way out there and I'm now just realizing it!
I have some bad news and some good news to share with you. Unfortunately the house I put an offer in on went into foreclosure this is both bad and good news, obviously I got my offer in to late but once it comes back on the market we're looking to put the offer in right away. In the meantime I'm still looking at other houses and have found a couple I like (with driveways!!!) I even put an offer in on one yesterday, even though I don't think I'll get it at the price I offered this gives me hope. I'm realizing more and more what I want and what is out there and there's a lot out there so I'm not going to sulk over one that I didn't get.
Right now I have a pink mushroom ottoman up in the shop on sale!!

I love making these guys but I don't have the room for them to take over my apartment.
I have quite a few new styles of plugs in my shop also and even some sales :D
Ever since the beginning of the year I've been non stop busy with orders, house hunting and thrifting. I love it and wouldn't change it one bit. There's a couple more projects I'm going to start on since I'm done with mushrooms at the moment so hopefully there will be some new items to share with you soon.
The weather is warming up and that means estate and rummage sales!!!

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