Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy late Valentines Day! Hope yours was as awesome as mine! Actually I didn't really do much of anything for v-day but I did get a special gift from a certain someone and it was totally unexpected :)

Right now I'm taking a little break from working. I'm going through one of my get rid of everything moods right now so there will be a bunch of new stuff in the shop for pretty cheap the next week or two (mostly vintage and some old stock plugs I just want to get rid of will be $7 a pair!).

I was also working on some new screens, last week I made some tiny ones (like 4x6 super cute!) that I wanted to put sizes on so I can screen sizes on my clothes rather than sewing in. The first go around of burning the screen was horrible and I had to wash them all out! Ugh and now one of them washed out already and one worked so fingers crossed the third will come out good. Now I understand far to well why some of my friends are very frustrated with screen printing at times!

Hopefully I will get some pictures up here very soon of things I have been working on. Have a good week!

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