Monday, March 1, 2010

Coming Together

Things are finally starting to make sense. My shop is doing decent and I'm getting more styles and items in it and trying to move some of the older stuff at the moment (sale on hats and scarves right now!!). I was contacted yesterday by a lovely lady on etsy about featuring my shop in her blog. First time featured in a blog that wasn't just a Friday favorite! Check out her shop she has some very yummy scarves!
I'm getting a lot more convos and interest in my shop now and it's helping motivate me! So look for some new items up soon!
I think the fact that it is March is making me more optimistic about things. I love winter and all just not a lot of it, I'm ready for some warmth and playing outside in the sun or at the beach!
I went on a little date the other night. I haven't been in a relationship for 3 years and I think it's time to get back out there. I had a lot of fun and it really made me feel good about myself...I miss that feeling, especially the nervousness of it all.
Happy Monday!!

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